About Inferara

  • We do research in formal methods for protecting #Web3 digital assets and its citizens.
  • Our goal is to make Web3 safe and secure environment for everyone.

Our team unites people who share experience in science and engineering.

  • We know what engineers and developers do every day, because we daily write code ourselves; thus, we understand what tools and methods would work.

  • Our specializations are automated theorem proving and model checking: Coq and TLA+.

  • We frontrunning academic-style research before writing any new line of code.

“If you do not do design right from the beginning, then every piece of the code you write is a patch. And you start out from the day 1 with a mess.” – Leslie Lamport

We are very welcome to everyone who wants to share their comments, suggestions, and thoughts. We are the #Web3 ecosystem altogether, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us and discuss the future of #Web3 security.